YOGA reduces stress

YOGA develops concentration and efficiency

But only ENGLISH YOGA supports both your health and your English skills

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Imagine that people come to work optimistic and devoted, they are concentrated on tasks at work without spending time on unnecessary work. Moreover, they come with new creative ideas and are confident new clients. When disturbed they can calm down easily. They remain good postures while sitting in front of the desk that provides them less tiredness and strengthens the health. And they leave work happy and satisfied. It is possible because these are all benefits of yoga!

That is:

  • Developing immune system

  • Increasing  creativity

  • Building confidence

  • Calming down

  • Correcting body posture

  • Detoxifying & strengthening (both body and mind)


The consequences for your company:

  • Less sick leaves

  • Better posture

  • More effective work

  • Better contacts with the clients

  • Easier dealing with stress

  • Opens for new unexpected solutions

  • Creates inner discipline

  • Better sleep

  • Less (spine) injuries and better life quality



  • Weekly Yoga classes (lunchtime, morning)
  • Monthly HEALTHY SPINE workshop (90-120 min)
  • Individual yoga sessions for those with unregular schedule

I am also open for any other possibilities to help your work partners getting both more disciplined and more relaxed.

Book your trial class and get -50% discount for the first month!


  • For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits. (U. of Michigan Research Centre)
  • Employees who report a high degree of stress in their lives miss twice as many work days as employees who report a low degree of stress. (Conference Board of Canada)



Practicing yoga poses cleanses and detoxifies the body, by increasing the circulation of fresh blood through the body. People are able to cleanse and flush out toxins which are the direct result of an irregular lifestyle, unhealthy habits, or/and poor posture.

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