Your private ENGLISH YOGA class in Milan

Do you know, that yoga in the studio is XXth century invention?

Before people had passed secrets of yoga from a teacher to the student on one-to-one level. In English Yoga Milan I continue this tradition by offering PRIVATE YOGA sessions.

It is a personalized, tailored for your needs and abilities practice with me, focused on your physical goals or emotional aspects. Each private session is convenient - I schedule the appointment especially for you, your free time and location; personalized - my attention is on you, your goals and abilities; fun  - you would never know how many daily objects are helpful for yoga and how they can ease your practice.

Wait a minute, is it for me?

  • if you have tight schedule
  • prefer working alone or in you own safe place like home
  • or have any special needs/injuries/problems you don't want to share

this practice is FOR YOU!

Contact me and ask for more information.


I also offer Yoga4Cancer training for those who still suffer from Cancer or cancer treatment. It's a specialized, boosting immune system practice for those who still feel effects such as: fatigue, nausea, small range of motion and balancing issues. I can help you overcome the bad days in a place, where you feel comfortable and safe.


Contact me and I will schedule an appointment based on our availability, at a time that will best suit your schedule. I can come to your home or office, wherever you feel the most comfortable and good.

Each practice last 60-90 min. Costs starting with 40 € (transport in the city of Milan is included). If needed I bring additional yoga mat and tools for an extra charge. (straps, bolsters, blocks).