Term and Condition of English Yoga Milan

English Yoga Milan - is a project for english speaking people living in Milan that contains classes, workshops and lectures of: yoga, dance, Reiki healing and nutrition.

Practice - it means a yoga, dance classes (duration: 60-90 minutes), workshops (duration: more than 90 minutes), lectures and Reiki healing process (30-45 minutes).

Teacher - it means Paulina Grochowska, the founder of the English Yoga Milan

Student - it means each person coming to English Yoga Milan and staying for a Practice.

Studio - it means a space where classes, workshops and lectures take place. There are 2 studios: small studio on via Coluccio Salutati 17 and AsiloNido 19 at via Felice Bisleri 19 in Milan.

Health - Students with low/high blood pressure and/or cardiac irregularities and/or other severe health issues should consult the doctor first. Student must also notify the Teacher of any circumstances affecting their health before the Practice, which may be exacerbated through continued use of the Studio.

Each Student is required to arrive prior the Practice to start it on time. If being late it is required to inform the Teacher via message on cell phone, WhatsApp or Facebook. Without any message, the Practice starts without the Student.

Each students is required to take their shoes off while entering the Studio and leave them in the designated place.

Reservation - due to small capacity of the Studio on via Salutati 17, Students are required to reserve a spot for their Practice. Students can reserve the spot via: email (info@yoga-milan.com), Facebook message (Page: English Yoga Milan), WhatsApp/Cell text or call (+393452984313) or in the Studio before or after the Practice.

Passes - by Pass it means a document that allows Students to come for the Practice for precise times in specified period of time. In English Yoga Milan we have: 4-entrance-passes and 10-entrance-passes. 

4-entrance-pass allows a Student to come for the Practice 4 times in a period of 30 days. The 4-entrance-pass costs 60€.

8-entrance-pass allows a Student to come for the Practice 8 times in a period of 30 days. The 8-entrance-pass costs 100€.

10-entrance-pass allows Students to come for the Practice 10 times in a period of 10 weeks. This pass is valid only for classes: Dance for Fun and Vinyasa Flow only (Thursday classes in Studio on via Felice Bisleri 19). No cancellation or change of classes possible. The 10-entrance-pass costs 100€. // PASSES AVAILABLE ONLY TILL END OF FEBRUARY 2018//

Trial class is a first class of the Student in English Yoga Milan. Trial class cost 5€.

Single Drop-in class is a Practice of the Student who had already been in the Studio taking Practice. The cost of Drop-in class is 20€.

Cleaning - each Student is required to clean after themselves. By cleaning it meant to desinfect the mat with a special liquid and drying the wet places, roll mats and put them in the mat basket, put all other props in designated places, put used glasses in the sink and leave the space visually clean.

Cancellation policy 

MORE THAN 12 HOURS BEFORE THE CLASS - If the Student has to cancel the attendance in the Practice, it is required a 12-hours-notice with no extra charge. The Student can change the day of the class to another one that takes place during the time the pass is valid. Doesn’t apply for 10-entrance-passes. 

LESS THAN 12 HOURS before the class - If the Student cancels with less than 12 hours notice, is obliged to pay the full price for the Practice. If the Student has a Pass, looses one entrance from the pass. New Student looses the trail discount of 5€.

Each Student of English Yoga Milan, acknowledge that they read carefully and understood the Terms and Conditions of English Yoga Milan.